The Monster Bike Of Your Dreams – Boss Hoss

Posted by fordsc on May 23, 2016

Many years ago I was cruising along on my big (so I though) generic Japanese V-twin and happened to stop at a traffic light in town. Posing away in the sunshine, I felt a rumbling in the ground, in my imagination like a herd of buffalo must have sounded stampeding across the plains in the early days of the settlers. As the rumbling noise reached a subdued crescendo (does that even make sense?), a shiny monster bristling with chrome and power sidled up beside me. What the hell!

I turned to look and I couldn’t really hold back my awe, though I was desperately trying to be cool and all. The machine was a Boss Hoss, which is the most powerful production bike to ever hit the streets. The huge frame holds a Chevrolet Water cooled V8 engine with a capacity of 502 cubic inches, equating around 8,200 cc – yessir! I didn’t actually know this, but asked what he had between his legs, if you know what I mean.




The guy didn’t seem arrogant – he didn’t have to be, he knew he had the coolest ride around and was quite happy to talk about it. Yes, it is a beast but it’s not what you might think, it isn’t  a truck on two wheel, by any means, but  well balance monster that is a luxury ride for those with enough balls to get on one! Questions fill the mind, like ‘What if it falls over?’ and ‘What IS the top speed?’ These are exactly the first questions I asked him, because it just looks so heavy and so powerful that it’s speed must be impressive.

The Boss Hoss weighs in a 550kg (there’s a less powerful brother, if you’re intimidated) so how on earth would you get it upright if you dropped it? Well, the fact is that when it’s moving even at low speeds the balance is perfect, and coupled with the very low center of gravity makes for confident manoeuvering. Even if you overbalance while taking it off the stand, the bike is designed not to drop sideways all the way, which is a relief – you’d never get it back upright without a whole team of men.


It’s only got two gears forward and one reverse, which is a godsend as it saves walking it back out of parking. I’m not sure what it’s turning circle is, but you don’t want to be taking chances leaning this big boy over, so reverse is good. Top speed in first gear is 190kmh, and it won’t let you change up to second if you’re traveling less than 80kmh. It’s no slouch away from the starting blocks either – with the throttle fully open (if you dare give it a fistful) you can expect to reach 100kmh in just 3.5 seconds. By comparison, a Formula One (petrol) will do the same in 2.2 seconds.

Interestingly enough, the latest electric racing car will speed to 100kmh in 1.785 seconds, just one indication of amazing things to come in the field of muscle transports and morot sport in general. It’s easy to see that the whole arena will be dominated by electric vehicles in the near future. What about an electric Boss Hoss? You can bet it’s on it’s way.

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