Muscle Car, Hot Bike, Surf Dude Or Floater?

Posted by fordsc on May 18, 2016

Go on, admit it – whatever kind of guy or gal you are (or pretend to be), just admit that you’d like to be behind the wheel, handlebars or joystick of a supercharged vehicle of some kind flashing pst the opposition. Oh yes, there always has to be the opposition – it’s just life.

When I was a kid, older friends had motorbikes in our neighborhood, it was all the rage. Unfortunately, my parents wouldn’t allow me to have one, just for the little fact that several people around the village had died while riding one. Wrapped in my teenage stupor and desire, this hardly seemed much a reason to stop anyone riding, but there we are – I guess I was stupid.

Years later, I bought a 750 Honda Shadow right out of the blue! I didn’t mean to – I went into a showroom, it was there in red, cream and glistening chrome and came out with it, or more correctly, I ordered it to be delivered because, surprise, surprise, I didn’t know how to ride one! After some practice, I was off and it crossed my mind that maybe it was a good thing that I didn’t have one when I was younger. It got up to 100mph in exhilarating style and it fills you with false confidence. See here:



Having ridden almost everything from of personal transports that’s out there, this blog will reflect my attitude and continuing fascination with all things driven my engines, whether gas, turbine or electric.


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