Acoustic Guitar Lesson Online

Posted by fordsc on May 5, 2017

Playing acoustic fingerstyle ragtime/ blues guitar is most likely the most gratifying of all guitar designs I have actually ever learnt how to play. The fullness of seeming like 2 guitars playing together is something that’s difficult to beat.

If you have actually ever wished to learn this style however never ever navigated to it since it simply sounds too tough– then you are losing out for the incorrect factors. Ragtime and blues fingerstyle is mainly not as tough to play as it sounds. Sure, a few of it can be challenging, however usually the essentials are in fact rather simple … and still sound simply as excellent. A great deal of the noise of fingerstyle blues (particularly ragtime) can be something of an acoustic impression– there’s not as much going on as your ears would have you think. So exactly what’s the very best method to obtain begun?

The very best method to learn this style is to simply leap directly in and learn some tunes. Although this it not something for the total novice, if you are at an intermediate phase of guitar playing then you must be more than efficient in playing acoustic ragtime blues. As long as you can conveniently play typical chord shapes and rhythms fairly well then that ought to be all you require, along naturally with the desire to learn and practice.


When I initially entered into ragtime blues finger picking, there wasn’t much offered in regards to videos revealing you this things. I found out by listening together with a couple of tabs from books. The greatest obstacle I had with this was (apart from being slower than gaining from video) where to put your fingers on the fretting hand. It wasn’t constantly evident whether you must be holding a typical chord shape or doing something else. TABs seldom offer this type of details.

I ‘d arrive in the end however it took a while, I ‘d frequently discover myself putting the book down and returning to it another time, just to discover the left hand was a lot easier than I initially believed. It was most likely a year later on that I understood I was working my fretting hand two times as difficult as I had to. Exactly what I would have provided for video lessons at that time!

Okay, so this is expected to be an evaluation of Jim Bruce’s Ragtime Blues Lessons— From Texas to the Delta, I expect I should get to it! I’m constantly on the lookout for brand-new guitar mentor product (an illness that guitar players definitely comprehend!) and I came across Jim’s course by pure opportunity. The important things that captured my attention was it appeared like an authentic quality guitar course.

This is something you seldom discover when coming across the typical pricey downloadable things for guitar, something which there is no lack of regrettably, however I’ll get to that in another tirade at some point! In the meantime, let’s simply state Jim’s Fingerstyle Blues course is most likely the very first I have actually stumbled upon that happily does not fit this bill. For when, worldwide of online guitar tutorials, you are in fact getting exactly what you spend for … good one Jim!

So exactly what do you get?

The course includes 38 downloadable videos (wmv format), every one revealing a total fingerstyle tune separated and decreased into areas revealing ideal and left hand close ups. Jim likewise describes how each tune is played together with suggestions where required. Each video is accompanied by a different pdf TAB along with the chord shapes and each tab area being shown on screen in the video.
The tunes taught differ from artists such as Robert Johnson to Blind Blake covering basic tunings, open G bottleneck and open D. Click here for a complete list. There’s sufficient range to cover the different blues picking designs varying from the bouncy ragtime feel of Blind Blake to the more traditional blues style of Lightnin’ Hopkins and Floyd Council.

If you wish to learn ways to play fingerstyle blues then there is no much better method than leaping directly in and learning some tunes. This is among those designs where you will do much better with hands on learning instead of the standard path of learning fundamental fingerpicking patterns and workouts, which while helpful, do not actually reveal you much in the method of piecing them together. When you have a couple of tunes under your belt you’ll discover you can break down some typical licks and patterns that work well in other tunes. This is fantastic for including range and improvising blues fingerstyle.

In general, Jim’s course is among the very best worth downloadable guitar learning items I have actually ever discovered. Not just do you get lots of hours worth of videos revealing you ways to play all the tunes however, most notably you get high quality guitar tuition for a style that’s not in abundance. A lot of other download items are just reworked material priced at 3 times their worth.

Jim’s lessons are directly up exactly what they state on the tin … no magic, clear solutions that the pros do not desire you to understand (Grrrr!), simply plain straight talking “ways to play fingerstyle blues guitar”. Simply put, it’s all you require. Be alerted however, you will require broadband to download the videos which weigh in at about 200 to 300mb each, and there’s 38 of them!


Jim uses a no concerns asked cash back ensure if you aren’t delighted with his item, personally I question he gets numerous dissatisfied consumers. As sales are managed through Clickbank you can feel confident your deal and assurance is safe and safe.

If you are prepared to handle fingerstyle blues guitar then Jim’s course is going to be difficult to beat and I’m more than pleased to suggest it.