Off Road Vehicles

Inevitably we should separate this area of auto activity into two categories, two wheels or more – but should we? More and more manufacturers are offering hovercraft for personal use, which are the perfect example of ‘off road’, because they can really go anymore that’s reasonably flat. That said, most people thing of motorbikes, quad bikes or simply standard type 4x4s – they all come into this category. What you choose depends on what you want to do with it, basically. We’ll look at each one in turn and try to give some pointers for the un-initiated.


Off Road Vehicle Problems


Off road bikes, or trail bikes, are a particular breed of motorbike and it’s easy to tell them apart from road bikes. They generally have low end power to help traverse muddy and difficult terrain and it’s not necessary to have a high top speed, as it simply can’t be maintained if you are not on a flat surface. The suspension is  raised and beefed up so that the shockers don’t bottom out and give you a bumpy ride, and that’s about it. They have lights (usually covered by a steel protective mesh) but there’s nothing else unusual – bit like a beefed up road bike. Don’t get confused between trail and motocross, as these are very different. Motocross are performance competition machines and don’t have lights, for example – not much good using one of these on your rail rides at night!